The Science behind

No Mess – No Fuss – No H2O
Advanced Product Performance

Multiple Uses from a single mask
Higher % of Active Nutrients and Peptides
Sustainable Skincare
Effective, Innovative and Instant Results
The new generation of masks

Unique textile fabric is printed with millions of micro vectors – BMVs.
BMVs Biomimetic Micro Vectors encapsulate all of the active ingredients for maximum stability and efficacy.
BMV’s mimics the skin’s structure for deeper penetration through the layers of the skin.
BMVs travel steadily through skin’s layers and stores the active nutrients for later use – time released.
BMVs structure remains intact maintaining their effectiveness at every stage.

is the future

Easy to Use – no more cold and slimy masks.
Mess Free – quick & easy to apply and remove.
High % of Active Ingredients – no water, fillers or preservatives.
Multiple use from a single mask – reusable.
Travel Friendly – Hand luggage approved.
Unique Delivery System – deeper product penetration.
Mimics Skin’s structure – time released absorption.
No Water – better for the environment.