Our Passion

Our Passion is all things Skin.

We combine our expert knowledge, our work in a professional clinic and research in advances in technology to create skincare products which truly focus on the demands and needs of our customers.

Our core line of NO2O Dry Sheet Treatments masks gets clients the results they want.

Skincare Shouldn’t Be Complicated.

Radiant and glowing skin is healthy skin.

NO2O revitalises and rejuvenates the skin’s wellbeing.

Maximum Benefits with Minimum Effort.

Brand Founders

Sharon Wodskou

Sharon started Aqua Advanced Skincare Clinic in 2013. The principal role of the clinic is to provide Cornwall with access to advanced facial treatments together with high quality skincare products, both of which were not widely available within the County. Being passionate about advances in ingredients, science & technology she believes that this should all be utilised to improve the way that skincare develops. Sharon’s development of NO2O Skincare is to encapsulate all of this, providing clients with simple & effective solutions to restoring, nourishing and maintaining skin’s health.

Adrienne Hodge

Ady is Aqua Advanced Skincare’ Clinical Director and skincare specialist. She has a very hands on approach -(literally!) in helping clients to achieve results and providing the best treatments and skincare protocols for them. Within clinic she specifically designs custom facials for clients, maintaining her key focus on promoting healthy skin and providing clients with an understanding of how best to achieve the results that they desire.

Our Commitment

More than just a mask… Our corporate responsibility is also very important to us.

Effective Skincare backed by Science.

Result driven for client satisfaction.

Sustainability – No water in our product is better for our clients and our environment.

Multiple use – less waste generated.

Supporting Environmental issues:
Our very own Director Ady will be running the Bath Half Marathon this year for SAS (Surfers Against Sewage) a Cornish Marine Conservation Charity which works to protect our Cornish Landscape.